The Covid Card is not the excuse you use when you don’t want to attend an event or visit a relative.  The Covid Card is a handwritten note that we should all be sending to our employees, customers, clients, friends, and relatives. 

Since Covid, most people are much less social.  Many of us have been working remote or with substantially less interaction with others.  Team meetings and Zoom are not sufficient to prevent the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Now is the time we should be lifting up others in the means that we still have.  Send your friends a handwritten note or card every four to six months.  They will remember your thoughtfulness even after the pandemic is over.  Your friends and relatives need the encouragement. 

Your remote coworkers and employees are working hard alone.  They may have felt like part of a team but now they feel isolated.  There are many things we can do to include and uplift our coworkers and employees.  Say something positive about the person in emails.  Remind the employees that you are a team by sending uplifting cards and maybe tell them something encouraging during online meetings.

It is hard to market to our clients and customers and to maintain the relationships we have long developed.  It is even harder to develop new relationships.  It is important to reach out to your customers and clients, new and old, with cards, gift cards, and invitations to outside events.  Don’t just ignore those relationships because you cannot invite them to lunch or to your usual events.  Send cards.

Sending cards is easy but does take some effort.  Be intentional about it.  Make a schedule and stick to it.  Have great stationary on hand and an easy way to access addresses.  You are going to brighten up the day of others, maintain relationships and encourage your workers. 

This article was written by GM Attorney, Sara Blackwell.