More and more young attorneys crave independence and seek less oversight in their day-to-day operations. Whether in the form of additional responsibilities or less supervision from a partner, many young lawyers remain eager to take on more responsibility, and as a result, the legal industry faces turnover. When these young professionals are countered, often they look for other work opportunities as opposed to finding a solution internally that benefits their firm and themselves personally.

Tina Lute, an Associate Attorney at the Atlanta office of Goodman McGuffey LLP, metaphorically illustrates this common phase that many young lawyers face in her short story Tales of a Young Lawyer: The Awkward Years.

Tina compares her experience as a mother to what she notices as a consistent issue in the legal world. Similarly to young professionals, children also crave independence and more responsibility. By acknowledging this critical point in a young lawyer’s career, Tina creatively connects the dots between children and legal professionals as they progress in their lives and career.

You can read Tina’s fascinating and witty story here.–_tales_of_a_y.pdf

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