On July 1, 2017, Plaintiff was walking into a convenience store when he slipped and fell on the exterior walkway.  It had just rained prior to Plaintiff’s visit to the premises. Plaintiff brought suit against the landlord who owned the property and the convenience store tenant.  Evidence brought to light in the case revealed that the landlord applied a slip resistant additive to the walkway surface approximately every year and including a couple months prior to the Plaintiff’s fall.  Representing the convenience store tenant, Mark Henkle argued that the landlord owed a duty to the Plaintiff not the tenant with respect to that area of the premises, that the walkway complied with applicable standards for walking surfaces, and that the Plaintiff had equal knowledge of the wet condition of the walkway because we testified that it had rained immediately prior to the fall. Mr. Henkle argued this Motion before North Carolina Superior Court Judge Craig Croom who held a special session in Pitt County to hear the motion. Judge Croom granted the convenience store’s motion for summary judgment. Click HERE to read the full order. 

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