News reports indicate that the City of Atlanta has adopted a new policy not to respond to auto accidents unless there is a report of injury.  According to the City of Atlanta police department, the change in policy is a result of COVID-19 and an attempt to follow social distancing guidelines.  Atlanta Police say the procedure for drivers after a crash is to move to the side of the road, exchange information with the other driver, take photos, and fill out a SR-13 form

This change in policy will make processing property damage only claims more difficult, as well as John Doe uninsured motorist claims under O.C.G.A 33-7-11. 

An additional concern is that without a third party witness or officer there is a risk that those that are looking to be unscrupulous can exaggerate property damages or the number of individuals in a particular vehicle.  

If you have any questions regarding these concerns, please feel free to contact Adam Joffe or Robert Luskin.